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Greetings everyone!

Election season is upon us! No, not THAT election, but an important one nevertheless — the Blandtown Neighborhood Association is electing new officers for the 2021 calendar year. Per the bylaws, we have formed a nominating committee headed by Robin Rosenberg to put together a slate for our elections in December. We are currently seeking volunteers to run for office. Up for election:

President Vice President Sec/Treasurer Commercial Property Owner member at large Residential Property Owner member at large

Currently, I know only of one sure vacancy — my own. I am not running for re-election. I am proud of what we have accomplished in the past year, but it is time to make room for some new faces and fresh ideas! If you are interested in running for an office, please email Robin Rosenberg at You can also email me, and I will pass your info. along.

If you want to get involved but do not want to run for office, there are also several existing committees you can join, including this year’s nomination committee:

Nomination committee Public Safety committee Communications committee (website, mailing list, etc.) Land use committee (zoning and traffic)

Please talk to current chair/s if you are interested, or you can email me or; I or another BNA member will make sure to pass your information on to the appropriate folks.

Currently, BNA membership is modeled after NPU membership; if you own property in Blandtown, either commercial or residential, you are eligible to vote in BNA matters and run for office. There is also a bylaws provision for long-term renters — if you have lived here for two years and intend on staying this next year, you are also eligible.

Finally, some reminders and potpourri:

— Next/October 2020 BNA meeting: Tues, October 20 at 7:30 p.m. via Google Meet

See below for Agenda items.

— November BNA Meeting: November 17, 2020 @ 7:30 p.m.

The new slate of officers will be presented and discussed.

— December BNA Meeting: December 15, 2020 @ 7:30 p.m.

Elections! There will be options to safely vote in person with a drop box on that day or

earlier so you do not have to attend the December meeting to vote.

Social links:

BNA Facebook Group (closed group)

— Blandtown's public Facebook page (post interesting tidbits and area news for all to see):

— IG @bna_atl

October 2020 Agenda items:

(1) In addition to project and committee updates, we can talk about the sign toppers and develop a plan to erect them. Adeline has informed me that they will be here this month, and the Upper Westside CID can store them until we can arrange to get them up. When they arrive, I am going to go take a look and assess the work needed to do the job so we can make an educated estimate of time and resources needed. Based on what I know now, I will probably suggest that we first organize a neighborhood workday to get up as many as we can with volunteers, then we can arrange for a handyman to help us with any that remain if necessary. I will ask the manager of Top Golf to help with getting the signs up around them, and will ask other businesses as appropriate. We have the option to hire a handyman for a few hours to help finish the job if necessary, and Chet has already offered to help pay for this (🙌thank you, Chet!) If any of you want to go with me to check out the signs, let me know! I hope I will be able to have seen them and be able to report back at the meeting.

(2) The proposed bylaws amendment to accommodate virtual meetings.

Text of proposed bylaws amendment:

“Blandtown Neighborhood Association meetings may be held physically, virtually, or in a hybrid format as circumstances dictate. For those meetings where virtual attendance is permitted, virtual attendees may be asked to register and provide their full name and relevant affiliation. Voting members must also provide their physical address."


Renee 🎃

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